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Deportation Defense Attorney in Houston, Texas

In Danger of Deportation?

Don't risk losing everything by appearing before a judge without a strong Houston deportation lawyer. If you are facing deportation or removal, the legal representation that you choose could be life-changing. You need a Houston immigration lawyer by your side who can defend you and keep your rights protected.

Frequently Asked Questions about Deportation

Why Am I Being Deported?

There are many ways an individual could trigger a deportation or removal case. Because there are so many different offenses, many individuals do not even realize that they have done something to risk their green card. Without legal representation from a Houston immigration attorney, deportation could be a possibility if an immigrant commits any of the following offenses:

  • Criminal conviction, including for felonies, misdemeanors, and infractions
  • Immigration violations, including prior deportations, immigration fraud, or smuggling
  • Homeland security crimes, including espionage, sabotage, or treason and sedition-related crimes

Do I Need a Houston Deportation Attorney For My Case?

If you have been detained for any of the above grounds for deportation, it is crucial that you seek legal representation immediately. It can be very hard for prosecutors to actually prove that the grounds on which you are being deported for are true.

With a vigorous defense by your side, you could fight the deportation order and avoid a costly trial. The need for a Houston deprotation attorney who can put up an aggressive fight on your behalf even in the beginning stages of a deportation case cannot be stressed enough, so consult The Law Office of Jennifer A. Correro right away.

Why You Need to Turn to The Law Office of Jennifer A. Correro

As an advocate for immigrants' rights, Attorney Jennifer A. Correro can be the deportation defense lawyer you need to represent you in your hearings.

When fighting your case in a court, having an experienced immigration attorney who can represent you fiercely could make the process of deportation defense much easier.

Here are a few reasons why Attorney Correro is right for you:

  • She is a former prosecutor who once worked with Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Chicago, Illinois that can use her experience in the Office of Chief Counsel to your benefit.
  • She knows what types of arguments prosecutors use and what they must prove in each type of case.
  • She can construct a strong defense on your behalf to avoid deportation or removal and ensure that your rights as an immigrant stay protected.
  • Her firm offers flexible payment plans and affordable prices for high-quality legal services.
  • She has successfully defended countless individuals in deportation cases across the nation.
  • She has a trusted network of attorneys in different areas of law such as criminal defense that creates a strong legal defense team.

Schedule Your Case Evaluation

If you or a loved one is facing deportation or permanent removal from the United States, do not hesitate a moment longer! Seeking legal guidance from the Houston immigration lawyer at The Law Office of Jennifer A. Correro could help you avoid deportation.

Even if you are ordered to be removed from the United States, Attorney Correro could help you qualify or request for a waiver of the removal. With a Houston deportation attorney is wholeheartedly devoted to your rights, you are in good hands.

Contact the firm or fill out a case evaluation form to get started today!

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