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Houston Immigration Attorneys

Representing Immigrants with Dedication and Compassion

Successfully completing the immigration process to the United States is the ultimate dream for many people - a dream that is deeply rewarding and formative of their personal identities. The immigration process can be one of the most complex legal processes an individual can go through and oftentimes, the difficulties and potential detours can drive a person away from completing the immigration process.

With the help of a skilled Houston immigration lawyer by your side, you do not have to feel that you need to give up on achieving your immigration dream. At The Law Office of Jennifer A. Correro, Attorney Correro is dedicated to seeing her clients successfully reach their immigration goals, whether those goals include citizenship, deportation defense, or residency. She can be trusted to guide you along the way and ensure you that any roadblocks you may encounter do not prevent you from achieving your goals.

Providing Simple Solutions To Complex Immigration Issues

The Law Office of Jennifer A. Correro, provides simple solutions to complex issues because Attorney Correro believes that the right immigration attorney makes all the difference in a person's case. Good immigration lawyers know that the client must be the focus of each case, and it is this focus that drives Attorney Correro's practice. Each individual has different needs, but with personal legal guidance, Attorney Correro can help clients understand their options, what may be required of them to successfully reach their goals, or what potential challenges they may expect during the process.

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Former ICE Prosecution Experience Gives Attorney Correro an Edge

Because Attorney Correro has former prosecution experience from working in the Office of Chief Counsel for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), her unique perspective is invaluable in criminal immigration cases, especially in deportation defense cases. Also, Attorney Correro has extensive knowledge with waivers due to criminal convictions or unlawful presence. She also understands the requirements, nuances, and laws surrounding immigration waivers, so you can trust her to help protect your loved one from unlawful presence consequences and other penalties.

If you are looking to enter the United States through immigration or are a resident wishing to apply for citizenship through naturalization, you can rely on The Law Office of Jennifer A. Correro for excellent legal counsel and advice. Immigrants seeking permanent residency or a green card can depend on Attorney Correro's skill in immigration law to help them accomplish every step in the immigration process correctly.

Her firm also handles immigration-related issues concerning deferred action for childhood arrivals (DACA) and matters affected by immigration reform. If you were a child when you arrived in the United States and fulfill other requirements, you could be eligible for DACA. If you have questions about how a possible new comprehensive immigration reform bill could affect your immigration process or your status, consulting Attorney Correro could help you understand and know your rights. To give you a basic understanding of aspects of the immigration process, Attorney Correro has compiled a frequently asked questions page to specifically address common concerns that many immigrants have.

Retaining the Right Houston Immigration Lawyers Makes All the Difference

When facing the complexities of immigration, do not try taking on the process on your own. Choosing an inexperienced immigration attorney could be even more devastating to you or your family. With an untrained lawyer, you could risk deportation, being denied citizenship or residency, and additional heartaches that may come with not being able to realize your dreams.

You owe it to yourself to retain a Houston immigration lawyer who is devoted to your goals and dreams. The right immigration attorney makes all the difference, and choosing The Law Office of Jennifer A. Correro, to represent you in your immigration matters could be the best decision you could possibly make to protect yourself and your family. Her firm prides itself on listening, researching, and finding every detail that can help each case. At The Law Office of Jennifer A. Correro, the client is the priority because their rights matter.

If you are seeking help with your immigration matters, contact The Law Office of Jennifer A. Correro,. She offers payment plans, has a proven history of successful case results, and has a trusted network of attorneys in other practice areas, including criminal law and family law. You want a lawyer who can defend your case fully, and Attorney Correro has the resources necessary to provide aggressive representation for you at a cost-efficient rate. There is nothing to lose, so schedule a case evaluation with her firm!

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