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Passport Denial Attorney in Texas

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Has your passport been denied or revoked? Are you facing serious repercussions now that you cannot freely enter or leave the country? You will need a highly skilled legal advocate to help you set matters right, guide you through administrative hearings, and even represent you in federal courts, if need be. For these complicated and crucial matters, you can depend on Houston Immigration Attorney Jennifer A. Correro.

Why choose this passport denial lawyer?

  • Former prosecutor on your side
  • Previously worked at U.S. Department of Homeland Security (ICE)
  • Spanish-speaking lawyer backed by proven results
  • Dedicated, compassionate, and experienced counsel
  • Client-trusted, peer-recommended attorney

With her background as a legal assistant at the United States Department of Homeland Security and her experience as a Houston immigration lawyer, Attorney Correro has an in-depth and unparalleled knowledge of immigration law. Contact her firm today to retain a trial-tested advocate who can handle even the most complex of cases.

Challenge Any Reason for Passport Denial

As the primary reason passports exist is to allow you to enter and exit countries at your leisure, they have become heavily regulated to ensure no fraudulent passports are used or created. While certainly useful in purpose, it has slowed down the process to obtain a passport to several weeks, and many weeks more if you are denied. To expedite the procedures required to get a passport, and to increase your chances of approval, let Attorney Correro help you with each step and all the paperwork.

She can help you avoid problems that lead to passport denials, including:

  • Ineligible birth certificates
  • Misplaced letters of authorization
  • Incomplete or inaccurate personal information
  • Illegible copies
  • Missing signatures
  • Unpaid government fees

Overcome Legal Obstacles with Our Knowledgeable Firm

Other than the usual reasons that could happen to anyone, your passport could be denied if you currently have outstanding legal issues. If you have any court dates in the near future or if you are on probation after being convicted of a felony or misdemeanor, you will not be allowed to leave the country. Additionally, if you owe a sizeable amount of child support payments, it is likely that your passport will be denied. In most cases, the only way to reverse the government's decision is to handle the matter with a professional lawyer in your corner.

Trust Houston Immigration Law Attorney Correro with your passport filing issues. Start today with a initial consultation.

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