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U.S. Is Denying Passports to American Citizens

In recent months, the Trump Administration has been enacting immigration policies that are both radical and detrimental to Americans nationwide. According to recent reports, Hispanic citizens born in the states bordering Mexico are now being denied passports and forced into immigration detention centers. Many are questioning if this tactic is related to President Trump’s attempts to enforce stricter federal voter identification rules. After all, the policy is specifically targeting Democratic voters who live in red states like Texas.

According to the Trump Administration, thousands of Hispanic people living in these border states are claiming false citizenship rights under fraudulent birth certificates. Supposedly, midwives and gynecologists have been delivering babies in Mexico and granting them false citizenship for decades.

As a result, many citizens are having their passports forcefully taken by Customs and Border Protection agents. When these citizens refuse to say they were born in Mexico, they are forced to enter deportation proceedings. This policy isn’t just affecting citizens actively residing in the United States. People who are returning from visits or vacations in Mexico are discovering their passports have been revoked, putting them in a very difficult position.

When reporting on this issue, The Washington Post interviewed Attorney Jennifer Lopez who practices immigration and nationality law at Lopez & Rhodes PLLC in Houston. Attorney Lopez, who is representing many clients facing passport denials, stated, “We’re seeing these kinds of cases skyrocketing.”

The State Department is requesting that passport applicants provide additional documentation to prove their citizenship, particularly if they have both American and foreign birth certificates.

Citizens requesting passport and passport renewals are being asked to provide the following documentation:

  • Evidence of their birth mother’s prenatal care
  • A baptismal certificate
  • Rental agreements that prove birth residency

But even sending the requested documentation has not been successful for many applicants, and passports are still being denied en masse. These applicants are currently living in a legal limbo because their paperwork states they are citizens, but the government is refusing to validate this fact. Many passport applicants are currently suing the government due to these passport denials.

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