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Criminal Immigration Attorneys Defends the Rights of Houston Immigrants

Many immigration lawyers do not understand what steps to take in the criminal courts after an immigrant gets arrested for a crime. Likewise, many criminal defense attorneys do not know how to handle criminal convictions when the client is at risk of deportation. So, when immigration law and criminal defense come together, the combined result is one of the most complex and technical areas of law. Naturally, you need an experienced Houston criminal immigration attorney who is knowledgeable of the immigration consequences of criminal convictions if you want any chance of presenting a strong defense for your case.

Criminal immigration is especially threatening because these particular types of cases have the potential to tear families apart. Individuals convicted of a crime could be punished to the fullest extent of the law, including deportation and permanent removal from the United States, with no hope for return. Houston immigration attorney Jennifer A. Lopez is dedicated to protecting the rights of Houston immigrants who may be facing possible deportation and works avidly to ensure that immigrant families stay together.

Criminal Law and Immigration Law Defense

Criminal conviction can change a person's life in a single moment. When an immigrant is accused and charged with a crime, however, the consequences are especially overwhelming. Even the most minor of crimes, like petty theft, driving without a license, or even possession of a controlled substance could potentially lead to deportation or permanent removal.

Individuals convicted of crimes may be permanently ineligible to immigrate to the United States, and immigrants who have taken up residence in the U.S. with a green card could risk losing residency permanently, leading to deportation. Due to complicated immigration laws, being convicted of a crime could force you to be deported back to a country that you may have originally escaped from due to violence, war, or persecution. Having to return to a country that is experiencing war, where you may not know anyone, have no source of income, do not know the language, or are persecuted could be absolutely devastating.

Protecting You from Injustice

Avoiding strenuous circumstances like the one mentioned above is exactly what our attorneys aim to do, and she is deeply devoted to preventing injustice for immigrants and immigrant families. With aggressive and cost-effective criminal defense for immigrants in Houston who have been arrested, charged, or accused of a crime, our attorneys can help protect the rights of immigrants and ensure that their green cards are retained or that deportation is avoided.

By making payment plans available, Attorney Lopez makes seeking legal help as easy and affordable as possible. Going without legal representation in your criminal immigration case could actually end up costing you more money, more consequences, and possibly even your future and your freedoms. Our attorneys are experienced in both prosecution and defense for immigration law.

In fact, in her time spent in the Office of Chief Counsel at Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), she learned what steps prosecutors take to remove or deport immigrants. Using the knowledge she learned at ICE, she has since switched sides to defending the rights of immigrants in Houston and has devoted her own practice to protecting families from the injustices of deportation and separation.

If your immigration extends beyond the reach of her practice, Attorney Lopez has a trusted network of attorneys in other areas of law, including criminal law and family law. By reaching out to other attorneys, Attorney Lopez has created a legal team that can be entrusted to assist you in your criminal immigration matters and build the strongest defense possible for the best resolution possible.

Consult the experienced criminal immigration lawyers at Lopez & Rhodes PLLC. Attorneys who do not understand the complexities of immigration law could risk your citizenship and have the potential to separate your family for a lifetime. Trust your citizenship with Houston immigration lawyers who have a proven successful case history. Our attorneys could help protect your rights, prevent injustice, and help ensure that you and your family stay in the United States.

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